Australian Trademark Registration Costs


Best option if you’re just starting out. We tell you how easy or difficult registration of your trademark will be in Australia before you pay larger fees… READ MORE

This is the best option if you’re just starting out. We will provide you with a report that outlines how easy or difficult it is likely to be to register your trademark in Australia. We recommend the use of an experienced trademark professional to conduct these searches, however, you may wish to conduct some preliminary searches yourself using the Australian Trademarks Online Search System (ATMOSS).

✓ Completed by a trademark specialist

✓ Includes all fees
✓ Delivered in 3-7 days
✓ Good starting point if unsure
✓ Includes general advice on registrability of your trademark
Every trade mark is examined by IP Australia to ensure it meets the requirements for registering a trade mark in Australia.  If there are any issues raised by IP Australia during the examination of your application, we will forward the report with our advice (for free) and, if any substantial action is required, a fixed fee quote for you to approve.


+ $250 govt fees

We recommend searching first, but if you’re already using or are set on your trademark, you may consider applying for your trademark without a search… READ MORE

If you’re firmly set on your name or logo or have done your own searches, then a search might not be helpful as you want to proceed anyway and so proceeding directly to your trademark application may be better. If you need the examination report from IP Australia quickly, we’d recommend paying the expediting fee so you know in around 7 to 10 days if your mark is likely to be accepted.
✓ Australian trademark application
All going well, and your trademark passes government examination, there will then be our registration flat fee of $280 due in around 4 months.

✓ Completed by a trademark specialist

✓ Filed in 3-7 days
✓ Address for service
✓ Classification of your goods/service
When applying for a trade mark you are required to nominate which goods or services you want your trade mark to cover. There are 45 official classes of goods and services, with a government fee of $250 per class and our professional fee of $190 for every class after the first. However, to save our client’s fees, we draft precise trade mark applications usually covering one or two classes. We indicate your main trade mark class, and if we think other classes could be important to you, we let you decide if you want to proceed in those extra classes.
✓ Add New Zealand trademark and save 33%

If you file for the same trademark in New Zealand at the same time as your Australian application, we offer a 33% discount on our overseas application fees. Our fees, then, are only $235 for New Zealand (not including gov’t fees). To find out more, read Before You Apply in addition to Our Terms in relation to overseas trademarks. To choose these options, select the check boxes at the end of your Australian application form.

✓ Expedite examination $175
Official government examination in Australia usually occurs in 4 months.  However, we can expedite this for you to around 7 to 10 days.


Save $186!

+ $250 govt fees

The complete package. We first provide you a trademark search report and quickly follow it with trademark application. You get the following for free!   READ MORE

The best value option. First, we will complete your search report. If it looks likely your mark will be accepted without issue, then we’ll proceed and file your trademark. If we think your mark is likely to come up against strife, we will recommend you change it in some way, perhaps by adding something or amending the goods and services claimed. And we’ll give you our Registration Guarantee!

✓ Trademark search + Trademark application
✓ Free expedite examination

Valued at $175 but you get it for free!

✓ Get our Registration Guarantee*

If your trade mark application is initially rejected by IP Australia we will work with the Examiner to determine what changes may be made in order to get the mark accepted. If you agree to the changes we advise, we will file your amended trade mark free of charge (but you have to pay government fees, if any). The guarantee is that if your mark is not accepted, we will file a second amended application for free, as we cannot guarantee that the official intellectual property office will accept your application.


Send us your questions about your trademark and we will respond.  Its’s free and quick!

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