We are registered trade mark attorneys

This is all we do and we are experts.  We recommend you always use a registered trade mark attorney for your matter

Real people

We do not offer an “assisted filing service” or an “online filing service”. A real life trade mark attorney will personally attend your matter and ensure your trade mark provides you with the best protection for your business.

Our Registration Guarantee!

If you choose our “Combo” option where we first conduct a search and then file your trade mark, we provide you with our Registration Guarantee, where if your first application is rejected, we will file your amended or second application for no extra fee (but you pay any additional government charge).

Lowest fees

We offer you the lowest fees around. And all our fees are fixed. It’s that simple.

We’re always contactable

We can always answer any of your question. We prefer to respond in writing via email, but we are more than happy to arrange a call back if you prefer to speak to someone.

Confidential and secure

All your communications with us are confidential and we keep everything secure.

91% success rate

We have an exceptional track record in getting our clients trade marks accepted.

We’re a cutting edge trade mark attorney firm that delivers trade marks for clients in Australia and worldwide.

With 15 years experience in intellectual property, we can be relied on to give you the best advice in relation to your matter.  Our clients include brand owners, law firms, companies and individuals.


Why are our fees so low?

Certainly not because we compromise on quality, a fact on which we pride ourselves. We have low fees because we’re leading the way in cutting operating costs associated with running a firm.  We believe in less paper, less admin staff, less high-rent offices and instead opt for more digital, more expert, and more efficient.




Daniel McIntosh

Principal and Founder

Daniel McIntosh is a trade mark attorney and the founder of Trademarkings.  He has over 15 years experience in intellectual property, previously working as a lawyer for a leading Melbourne law firm focusing on trade marks, copyright, patents and designs.

In establishing Trademarkings, Daniel was able to specialise in trade marks and provide clients with an efficient and costs effective service.  His clients come from a broad range of industries including consumer goods, IT, agriculture, fashion, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, software development, travel, financial services, entertainment, retail, legal services and food manufacture.

Daniel has degrees in Law and Science from Monash University.   Daniel previously spent 12 months as an AusAUD volunteer in Samoa and regularly volunteers for a community legal service in Melbourne.  Outside of work Daniel loves to surf and travel.

Need advice?
If you need some advice on your trade mark, we offer a free initial consultation.